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Lighting Solutions

Fibaro system allows you to control your lights from anywhere. Fibaro devices are Wireless tiny modules and are installed in minutes behind the manual switchies of your choice. Lighting control makes you turn ON/OFF the lights or even control the brightness of the room (for dimmable lights).

Wireless Fibaro modules let you control the lights remotly or locally from your mobile or from the manual switch. Scenes can be added to the Home Center 2 which can automatically control your home to make it more comfortable. For example, when you are watching a movie in a dark room and someone knocks on your door, lights will automatically illuminate your way to the door.

Lighting Products

In general, two different types of lighting control ON/OFF or Dimming (brightness control) and are served by three products

Ayarlı Anahtar (Dimmer) Double relay switch 2 x 1.5kw Single relay switch 1 x 3kw