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What can be done?


Fibaro system allows you to control your lights from anywhere. Fibaro devices are Wireless tiny modules and are installed in minutes behind the manual switchies of your choice. Lighting control makes you turn ON/OFF the lights or even control the brightness of the room (for dimmable lights).

Air conditioning

Fibaro system controls the temperature and air circulation in the house or in each room individually. The Fibaro System can respond to weather conditions by adjusting temperature inside the building. In addition to controlling the climate for more convenient environment, it also helps you save up to 45% of the power consumption – fuel or electrical power.

Curtains/Blinds Control

Control roller blinds with Fibaro System. This functionality allows you to precisely adjust the position of the roller blinds. Configure a scene and enjoy morning sunshine pouring through your windows.


First and foremost, the Fibaro System is about security. Thanks to integration of all devices, you can monitor and fully control your house from any location on earth. You don't need to worry about an intruder in your house or forgetting to turn off the bedroom lights.


Your intelligent home will help you protect your family from fire and other threats. Fibaro system will activate an alarm scene in case of fire, flood or break-in. Our sensors are wireless sensors and can are monitored by the Fibaro Home Center 2.

IP Camera

Thanks to the IP cameras integration with Fibaro System, you will be able to see your house from any location on earth. Monitor your house when you're not there and always have it under full control! If your camera has a motor control, you turn camera where you want. You can use the camera for security, monitoring your baby or intercom etc.


This feature will allow Fibaro System to control your home depending on your location. For example, when you leave the office, turn on the termostatic valves and prepare your home.


The Fibaro System will transform every house into a self-regulating mechanism, which will facilitate the lives of all members of the household. Thanks to Fibaro system, electric devices can communicate through scenarios. Depending on the weather, time, GPS position, or any other trigger your home can take actions for you according to a pre specified situation.